Hello my name is Laurence Hipkiss, welcome to the blackcounyrypodcasting homepage. The aim of blackcountrypodcasting is to provide listeners with an insight into the culture and history of the Black Country region of England.

The Black Country lies to the north-west of Birmingham but its boundaries are widely debated. In fact, the Black Country has no official boundaries at all and its borders are purely notional. The concept of a “black country” originated in the mid nineteenth century and there is an excellent article on the BBC website which details the probable origins of the name. ( BBC. Black Country )

I put together the first blackcountrypodcasting show (bcpc 1)  in the summer of 2005 and it continued on a weekly basis until the summer of 2009,  by which time I had produced 192 shows.

If you are one of the original bcpc listeners, thanks for staying with it, and if you are new to the show I hope you enjoy your visit and that you come back often. Actually, you don’t have to come back to this site to find new shows. It might be easier for you to subscribe to a podcast aggregator (or receivers). They will distribute the show to your PC automatically and free of charge.

I have decided to continue the show from where bcpc 192 left off so the first podcast of the new era will be numbered as bcpc 193. I cannot promise the weekly show that I did in the past but if you check this site monthly or put the show into your aggregator I’m certain you will find a new bcpc show on a fairly regular basis.

Alternatively if you send your email address I would be happy to notify you of new shows as they come along. Contact me on lozz@blackcountrypodcasting.com

Podcasts explained

Podcasts are recorded and produced as a compressed audio file, such an Mp3, which is easily downloaded onto your computer, iPod or Mp3 player. This can be done at your own convenience.  I will also distribute the show via an RSS feed to an aggregator site such as iTunes and they in turn re-distibute it to through free subscription to their clients. If you subscribe to the show in this way it will be automatically delivered to your PC as each new episode is produced.


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